I’d like to welcome you to the world of Randy’s Rides, a place where we’ll show you the people, sites and roads of America we have encountered while touring on various motorcycles. We’ll be covering the routes we have taken, alternative roads for those same trips (even through no trips are ever the same!) suggesting stops for rest, recreation and the restaurants we chose along the way. Additionally, we will be offering our somewhat biased reviews of the different motorcycles and gear we encounter in our travels.


As experienced motorcyclists we offer an in-depth analysis of all the bikes that we ride. If you’re searching for a trusted source regarding a new bike, you’ve come to the right place.

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Stay in the loop about the best (and worst) motorcycle gear on the market. As seasoned motorcycle experts, we’ve tried a wide variety of motorcycle gear over the years and would be glad to pass the knowledge onto you to save time and money, and to ensure a great trip on the road!

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Some of the greatest riding country resides in Idaho. Read our reviews for the most scenic, smooth roads and which ones could cost you time and wear and tear.

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Whether you’re looking to be close to town, next to the lake, or in a remote, nearly inaccessible part of the forest, Idaho has got you covered. Check out our reviews to plan your best trip so far.

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Idaho is becoming increasingly renowned for its culinary arts and craft cocktail bars. Whether it’s a cafe, country diner, fine dining restaurant, or cocktail lounge, we have been around and can navigate you to the best dining experiences while in your travels.

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